Customized Architecture for Unique Clients


Peter Wells Architects is not your normal everyday firm. Our #1 priority is our client’s happiness. We strive for customer satisfaction throughout every stage of the architectural process. With the feel of a small firm, still able to give personal service, but the experience of a much larger one, we are able to put forth thoughtful well-executed projects every time.

Communities of Change

LEED Certifications

The building pictured above is the Midland Park Fire House/ Community Center. It is LEED Certified and contains many updates that allow the building to consume less energy which also makes it more economically efficient to maintain. Some of these updates include sensors for the lights to reduce energy use when no one is in the room, dedicated material reuse which used prior existing timber for trim, and plants that are native to the area.

Warehouse Reconstruction

Repurposed Property

PRWA provides clients with updated building plans, regardless of whether its renovations or new construction, we consider the surrounding neighborhood and architectural styles. We can also provide renderings to envision the building. This type of information is supportive in planning board approvals and can help your property seamlessly transition to its new purpose.